eArchiving solution for publishers

"Save your published articles via iPubsPress eArchive"

iPubsPress's e-Archival Solution enables publishers to manage and monetize their long-term storage requirements through documents, images, and videos.We assist publications to publish their archival data through our Windows Azure server.

Disaster Management
Protect your personal records and on-paper data from wear and tear or hazards by having an effective backup strategy in digiral format
Monetize on your archives by putting them up for online subscription or generate ad revenue through them
Multiple Subscription and Single Copy Sale models with pre-integrated recurring and micro-payment gateway.
Increase Efficiency
Make internal editorial research efficient with advanced features including Index, Search, Gallery, Print and Share
Reduce Cost
Save prime real-estate, as with digital copies being available, you can store your original copies remotely
Social Media
The Digital Edition integrates with popular Social Media Networks and Tools, allowing users to share content and supplying you with reverse traffic.

Digital Edition

  1. Standard web browser-based
  2. Access within the intranet or open up on the internet
  3. Seamlessly integrates with your current delivery system
  4. Advanced browsing features including Index, Search, Gallery, Print and Share
  5. Pre-bundled with Subscription and Fulfillment features Download and plug-in free Image
  6. Effective for long-term storage Re-print in high-resolution Available in various formats (JPEG/TIFF/PDF) Image Over Text PDF
  7. Retain originality Allows search within PDF on background text layer Highlights search results on foreground image layer XML Standard-based
  8. Future-proof Integrated with third-party services
  9. Re-purposable Deliver on any channel/device Effective backup and storage